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Under Pressure? Turn it Upside Down.

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Discover our new Energy and Detox shots, and our updated recipes with probiotics!

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Why Under Pressure?

Our juices and shots are made with high-pressure processing and cold-pressed methods.

These technologies ensure long-lasting freshness while preserving all of the ingredient's nutrients, capturing the real taste, and guaranteeing we do not have to add any preservatives to our juices. That's a lot of pressure for fresh fruits and vegetables!

Luckily, we know that we do our very best Under Pressure: we are more innovative, more intense, and more creative. That’s why we don’t spare our juices a bit.

We turned the whole thing Upside Down.

Because we only use fresh fruits and vegetables and don't add any water to our juices, natural sediments of ingredients tend to stay at the bottom of the bottle. This separation is normal when you have a 100% natural product.

Now when you flip over the bottle to read the new label, you also mix the juice. And that's it. You're ready to go!