It's all natural

Sofresco is a brand of healthy, 100% natural juices and shots with Portuguese roots, and based in Malvern, Pennsylvania, since 2019. 

Our secret for creating outstanding products is simple: we only choose the best ingredients and use innovative technologies to keep all the nutrients and freshness, with no need of adding any preservatives, sugar, or water.

It’s not by chance that our products have the natural color, aroma, and flavors of fruits and vegetables.

The world where we live is constantly under pressure. 

  • Pressure to be good parents, good children, and good colleagues. Pressure to be healthy, active, and fully committed. That’s a lot of pressure.

    But it is under pressure that we give our best and overcome different challenges. 

    At Sofresco, it's the same!

  • It was under pressure that we found a way to be better and healthier. And it is under pressure that we extract and preserve our natural juices. 

    The Cold Press method extracts the best and freshest juice from fruits and vegetables, keeping the vitamins, nutrients, and preserving the original color and flavor. 

    HPP (High-Pressure Processing) technology uses high pressures to eliminate unwanted microorganisms. This extends the shelf life of our products without adding any artificial preservatives.