• Ginger Shot Immunity 3.7 Fl Oz

    Ginger Shot Immunity 3.7 Fl Oz

    Ginger is known to boost immunity and digestion. Reap the benefits with our cold-pressed, HPP Ginger Shot made from apples and ginger, nothing else. Keep refrigerated. Please consume within 24 hours of opening.  No sugar added No water added No purees or concentrates Non-GMO Never heated, no pasteurization Cold Pressed High Pressure Processed (HPP) Kosher Certified

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  • Probiotic Carrot Ginger 3.7 OZ

    Probiotic Carrot Ginger 3.7 OZ

    Live Cultures are beneficial microorganisms with a probiotic effect, which when consumed in adequate amounts can: Helps to improve digestive health; Helps to stimulate the immune system; Helps to restore the natural balance of bacteria in the gut; Decreases the action of harmful bacteria through the production of substances. Each bottle contains 100 Million CFU of live cultures, the so-called "good bacteria". Contains GanadenBC30: Scientifically proven natural Probiotic ingredient to survive all the way to the gut. We recommend taking one shot daily to benefit from this product. No sugar...

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