Cold Pressed and HPP vs Pasteurization

Cold Pressed and HPP vs Pasteurization

Innovation in the production of natural juices 

 It is normal to worry about having a diet that is as natural as possible. But that’s no longer just about eating healthy, it's about being aware of where food comes from and how it is produced. So, let's talk about the production and preservation processes.

Since the beginning of civilization, there was a need to increase the shelf life of products. Before refrigeration even existed, canning was made with salt and vinegar.

As you know, the techniques have evolved. And ours are the best. Here we only use methods that do not change the natural properties of the ingredients. That is why our fruit juices and shots are 100% natural.


Cold Pressed

The name says it all. Cold Pressed is the method that uses, there you go, cold pressure. It’s like a giant squeezer that uses a hydraulic press to extract the juice from fruits and vegetables while keeping low temperatures in the process. In addition to maintaining the natural flavor and properties of the food, it doesn’t include the use of additives or preservatives. Only what is good remains.


High-Pressure Processing (HPP)

After getting all the juice from the fruits and vegetables, and before reaching consumers, the products need to be preserved to live a longer life on the shelf. Normally, sugars and other preservatives are added for that. But not at Sofesco.

The High-Pressure Processing (HPP) technology does non-thermal pasteurization. In other words, it eliminates unwanted microorganisms and extends the products' shelf life without the application of heat. And all this without changing their original characteristics. Here, everything is very well preserved.


But how is this possible?

So, the packages go into a sealed machine, where they are subjected to cold water at high pressure – it’s like you’re sending them to the bottom of the ocean and bringing them up again. And all that pressure eliminates the microorganisms that nobody wants while keeping all the food’s best properties. This also allows a product life of up to 80 days. Without added preservatives.


Do you know what pasteurization is?

Although HPP is considered pasteurization, the differences are significant. Let´s go back a little bit. Pasteurization is a technique created by Louis Pasteur to eliminate microbes from wine and reduce its acidity. This method uses heat to eliminate microorganisms and deactivate enzymes responsible for food degradation to ensure food safety and extend shelf life. And although this elimination process is very important, the problem is it also affects the original good characteristics of ingredients.

With HPP this last part does not happen. That’s what makes it the most effective method for preserving natural fruit juices.


Natural juices and shots with 100% flavor!

It is because of the double pressure of the Cold Press and HPP that Sofresco is so fresh! Do you see now why we’re Under Pressure?